Purple is the new yellow

Prepare for a flavor sensation. Harvest Moon potatoes can be used in place of any yellow or russet potato. Intense flavors will amaze your pallet while your eyes are drawn to its striking color. Mashed, sautéed, boiled or baked, Harvest Moon potatoes will add new dimensions to any potato dish.

Harvest Moon potatoes are grown sustainably at 7,600 feet above sea level in Colorado's San Luis Valley. The farmers produce the specialty potato in a biotic, agroecological system that is void of synthetic inputs and toxic chemicals.

Purple is indeed the new tastier yellow.
Please devour politely.

Harvest Moon potato growers embrace life. These farms use biological inputs like companion crops, livestock grazing, cover crops and flowers instead of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.  The result of these practices is greater water efficiency and the creation of a flourishing ecosystem that encourages beneficial insects, soil microbes and carbon cycling.

Unlike typical organic production, biotic farming systems do not produce crops with chemicals or synthetic inputs of any kind. Harvest Moon potatoes are planted  in Colorado's healthiest soils and cultivated in nature's image to bring grocery store customers and restaurant patrons a wholesome, safe and delicious vegetable.


For more information on this unique product and affordable packaging, contact Richard Leibowitz, 908-789-4700, 908-403-5506 or richard@culinaryproduce.com

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